Our History

J & M Cylinder Gases, Inc. started in 1997 when our founder, Joe Webber, purchased the cylinder facility from Air Liquide, where he was working. With two simple goals in mind Joe set out on the journey of a lifetime! First, he wanted to build a generational family business. Second, was to do this by getting the job done and taking care of the customer. Joe and Margaret Webber started the company, thus the name J & M. Joe handled everthing outside the office door with Margaret handling everything inside, which included a lot of prayer.


While we have grown to a multiple location operation, we still hold onto our roots and strive to make the customer our #1 priority. Nowadays, you will see the second generation taking a more active role and the third generation already learning the trade! Over the years we have learned that by taking care of customers we will establish a strong base and continue to grow, with our customers, from there.


To this day, we are fully family owned and operated in Decatur, AL.

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