Propane Recertification FAQ's


How do I know if my tank is out of date?

Propane tank dates are good for ten (10) years from date of manufacture. The original manufacture date can be found stamped on the side of the tank.


How many years does a propane recertification last?
Propane tank recertifications last for five (5) years.


How long does it take to have my tank recertified?
Typical turn around time is 1-3 days. All recertifications are performed on site in Decatur, AL. 

Is it worth having my tank recertified?
Absolutely! Most new tanks range from $50 - $300, while a recertification only costs between $20 - $50 (depending on tank size).


How does J&M put a new date on my cylinder?

To ensure the date is visible, the new recertification date will be marked in accordance to current CFR requirements.

Will my tank be filled when I get it back from recertification?
Yes. All tanks recertified by J&M are filled to ensure all parts of the tank are secure with no leaks.



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